Base Canyon de la Besorgues

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At the Base Canyon de la Besorgues®, located at the entrance to the village of Labastide sur Besorgues when approached from Vals les Bains, a team of enthusiastic guides is waiting to accompany you in complete safety to a host of magical sites.

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  • Découvrez Labastide sur Besorgues : Activités, Gastronomie et Visites (copie)

    Découvrez Labastide sur Besorgues : Activités, Gastronomie et Visites Labastide sur Besorgues, niché au cœur de l'Ardèche, offre un éventail...

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    News 2017 : The Via cordata of the Rocher de l'Aigle

    In an activity at the crossroads of climbing, mountaineering and caving, come and discover a breathtaking site at the head of the Besorgues valley...

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  • nouvelle-tyrolienne-base-canyon-besorgues

    New ziplines at the Base

    Since Thursday, April 17, two new zip lines allow us to directly access the database to the most splendid part of the Besorgues.Zipline first 110...

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