The meeting places and locations of the activities in the Ardèche differ depending on the chosen activity (canyoning, caving, via ferrata, etc.).

Discover the different natural sites that host our activities – from the Ardèche mountains passing through the Aubenas / Vals les Bains region and on to the famous Gorges – and work out your own itinerary.

Via Cordata du rocher de l'Aigle

Via Cordata of the Rocher de l'Aigle

Besorgues 01

Canyoning Haute Besorgues
Night Canyoning

Base Canyon (Besorgues 03)

Aerocanyon Ad'
Kids Canyon
Aerocanyon Family
Aerocanyon Ultra
Mini Descent Canyoning
Cocoon Canyon

Spéléo Famille

Family Caving

Spéléo aventure

Adventure Caving

Pilier d'Autridge

Abseiling at Autridge

Canyon Haute Ardèche

Point de rendez-vous : https://google/maps/omHkxoUREdNyJF5BA 

Canyon Haute Ardèche

Pas de Fer Canyon

Canyon de la Borne

At the heart of the Ardèche area of the Cévennes mountains, this is the highest canyon Amongst pine forests, you will discover a canyon surrounded by granite cliffs with deep, translucent basins.

A wild, embracing site.

Rieussec canyon

The Volane valley

15 km north of Aubenas, in the regional park housed in the mountains of the Ardèche and at the foot of the beautiful village of Antraigues, we will help you discover the Volane valley..

The village, perched on a volcanic outcrop, is situated at the confluence of three rivers: The Volane, Bise and Masélande. Meaning that you will find many bathing places and waymarked paths through the surrounding chestnut woods where you can spend an unforgettable day after finishing your activity. You can also eat in the village and visit the Jean Ferrat house.

The climb we propose is known as the La Voie de la Montagne (mountain way)

During this activity, you will enjoy magnificent views over this typical Ardèche valley.

And immersed in the texts and songs penned by Jean Ferrat, you too will fall in love with this mountain landscape.

The "Pont du Diable"

The Pont du Diable "Devil's bridge" across the Ardèche river lies below the historic village of Thueyts. Its name comes from a legend telling that the devil built the bridge so that young men and women could hide their sinful loves out of sight on the far bank..

The Via Ferrata route that we propose runs on either side of the Ardèche river downstream of the historic bridge.

Close to the bridge, you will find many other superb protected sites such as the Echelle du Roi (King's Ladder) in a natural fault that can be used to climb to the village), the Gueule d’Enfer (Hell's Throat), an 80-metre waterfall) and the Chaussée des Géants (Giant's Causeway, one of the highest basaltic lava flows in Europe).

A swimming and picnic area has been set up at the Pont du Diable site.

The village of Rochecolombe

Before reaching the dry Vendoule canyon, we will pass through the historic village of Rochecolombe, which is perched on a limestone cliff. Here you can discover its 11th century castle. You will also enjoy an unrivalled view over the Ardèche part of the Cévennes mountains and savour the sight of one of the Ardèche's most beautiful waterfalls.

A picnic site has been created at the foot of the village to welcome you.